and the End..

Our Last Reflection 

Thanks to God. We came to an end. I was very busy because of these tasks all through the term . Every week, every weeeeeekkk.. Sedat teacher liked to put to work us 🙂 I know teacher, you will also see this reflection but I’ll go on to write. I was sometimes bored. On the one hand, I had a lot of tasks, projects and exams about other lessons, on the other hand, I had these weekly tasks and reflections for CALL. In the first reflection, I said “CALL, please don’t call me!!”. But it was behind me all term.

Anyway.. I exaggerated so much 🙂 In the first days of the term, I didn’t want to attend this course because it was obut computers and it seemed too diffcult to me. But in time, I got used to it and I understood how important it is. Why? Because we are in the technological era. This lesson is really important but I couldn’t understood at first. Of course, I learned about sooo many things that we can use in our education and teaching. I began to use the thing we learned. 

It was very useful. This lesson was not boring, on the contrary it was enjoyable. But I wish this lesson had took part in the first years of us. So we could benefit from it much.

So.. Thank you, teacher.  We are indepted to you. Don’t forget us 🙂


Lately Weebly

In our last lesson, we learned -giderayak- about Weebly. But it was a tool that we would prepare our final project by using it. Weebly is a free site to create a website. It is easy to use. I understand now because I still try to work on it to complete my website. When I heard it at first, I was really afraid of it. Creating a website and me!! But it is not difficult as it seems. If I use it, everyone can use it. 🙂 

Anyway.. You should try it. It is really an oppurtunity for us.


Ipod + broadcasting = podcasting

As I remember, it was so. The teacher told us some websites related to podcasting. For example, Npr,org. Thanks to this website, you are informed the latest news. But it is a radio website. You listen to radio on the internet. is for the same purpose. You can create a podcast and publish it on You can record your voice for 3 minutes freely. It is a nice website.

I hope we can use this websites for educational purposes in the future.


Digital Storytelling (Lately :))

In the previous weeks, we learned about digital storytelling. I am writing now about it. It is a good way to teach something to the students. For instance, we can use it in our English lessons. The teacher mentioned about Storyjumper. I liked it very much. It is very enjoyable. We created a book online easily. It can be used for low level students. You can create a story on Storyjumper even if you don’t know anything about it. Everyone should try it:). 

The teacher,also, mentioned about Movie maker. I already know it. We created a moviemaker task in the past years. I know how to use it but I have not added voice so far. I think these tools are very useful and we can use them in our classes. It is more creative and attractive.

That’s all for that week. See you 🙂

Social Networking For Education

Last week the teacher talked about this topic. I couldn’t attend that lesson but I learned the content of the lesson from my friends. 

Nowadays, almost everybody is using social network for different purposes. Social network brings people together. It is the biggest invention of our age. On the other hand, our topic is based on educational purposes. There are many social sharing sites which people use  for education. For instance, Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, Skype, etc. These are useful and enjoyable for the students and teachers. The students go online at home and they can learn something about their lessons. This is funny 🙂 We are doing the same thing in our Call lesson. We had a Facebook group. The teacher tells any kind of information about the lesson on Facebook, and we can be up to date immediately even if we are in different places. This is just a simple example. 

Twitter and the other sharing sites are used in line with this objective. Most of the students use the Internet more or less. I think this is a good way to attract them. The students will be willing to lessons, tasks by this way. We should shape our teaching according to today’s conditions, so education on the social network is more useful today. 

These are all my thoughts.



WizIQ is a new thing for me. I have never heard it before. It is an online learning and teaching platform as the teacher told us. There is not a typical classroom here. You,as a student, can learn something whereever you are. As a teacher, you can share powerpoint slides, pdf documents, pictures, videos, etc.

I liked most the board on WizIQ. If the teacher allows the students they can use it. We tried it during the lesson. It was very enjoyable and attractive.

It is absolutely useful both teacher and students. If you donT go to the school you should try WizIQ. In the future I would like to create an online classroom in my field on WizIQ. 

7th week ^_^ NICENET and DOKEOS

We learned Nicenet and Dokeos in our last lesson. These useful websites help us to  create online classrooms. Nicenet is mostly used in the United States. We can send and receive personal messages via Nicenet. It provides to communicate with students online. I think it is easy to use. Thanks to Nicenet, we can also share documents and links. But it has a disadvantage. We can not load graphs because it is a text-based website.

Campus.dokeos is also as nice as Nicenet 🙂 We can share resources. It supplies to interact with students. For example, you are interested in English literature. You can create a literature classroom. You can teach this lesson to the students. Moreover, you can give a quiz about your lesson. Isn’t it perfect? People are not dependent on those classical classrooms here. You are at home and you are learning your favoruite lesson on your comfortable seat. It is a beauty of technology. 🙂

See you next week..